Pootermobile Wallpapers App 10.3.0 Update

Finally an update to the Pootermobile Wallpapers app! Now Passport users can enjoy all the walls the app has to offer. All the wallpapers included have been meticulously resized to fit nicely with the Passport. The app has also gotten a bit of a facelift and it’s looking pretty hot! Updates in version 1.3.0 ADDED:…

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Passport 2 Concept

It is time for a new concept rendering from The World Of Pootermobile. Although one of the latest BlackBerry 10 devices, the Passport, has already been released people are already imagining what the next iteration of the uniquely shaped smartphone will be. Naturally I am one of those people already imagining what the “Passport 2″…

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Date And Weather Concept

  Here we are once again with our thinking hats on! With 10.3 already out with the brand new Passport, I can’t help but think of new goodies that can be added to the amazing BlackBerry 10 OS. There have been many updates and tweaks to BB10 that help with productivity and are more visually…

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Work Wide Passport Wallpaper

  Hey Team BlackBerry! As a thank you for supporting BlackBerry here’s a freebie for those of you that have a Passport already (jealous) :p I will be updating the wallpapers in the Pootermobile Wallpapers app soon. Flaunt your Passport and Work Wide! Please make sure you click on the wallpaper then download (best quality…

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Retro Ringtones (NES)

  Hey everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve posted something to TWP but today is the day that streak ends! And I have some awesome goodies for you! I have decided to begin a series of posts where I provide the world with some awesome retro gaming music for your modern devices. For the…

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10.3 Wallpaper

It’s the weekend and I am in a sharing mood! So here is the stock BlackBerry 10 10.3 wallpaper. This came with the beta OS so it might change but I’m really liking it. I’ve resized it for Blackberry 10, BlackBerry OS, and even PlayBook so have fun downloading! Feel free to share this post…

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TWP Apparel Store Closing

Ah, do not fret my loved ones. Let me begin by apologizing about my neglect of The World Of Pootermobile. Although I have been keeping up with adding wallpapers to the Pootermobile Wallpapers app I have let the cobwebs gather a bit here. Not to worry! As part of some “spring cleaning” I am merging…

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BlackBerry MySpot Concept

BlackBerry MySpot Concept! Hit the jump for more…


Porsche Clock Wallpapers

Porche Clock Wallpapers! Hit the jump for more…


Milieu Wallpaper

Sweet Pearl Photography Milieu wallpaper! Hit the jump for moreā€¦

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