FREE Wall-E Theme

Free Wall-E Theme! Hit the jump for more…

A very unique spin of the famous animated movie Wall-E. You will very much want to dig up the DVD and watch it once more. Enjoy the homescreen images as if you were Wall-E himself!

  • 2 customizable icons on the left
  • The small “w” on the top middle is manage connections
  • Hotkeys: Spacebar = QuickLaunch, $ = SMS and MMS
  • No carrier
  • Wallpaper friendly
  • Animated lockscreen

OTA 9700, 9600, 8900 w/ OS 5.0

OTA 9600 4.7

OTA 9000 4.6

OTA 9000 5.0

OTA 8900 4.6

OTA download provided by:

Here are some Wall-E wallpapers to go with your new theme…




  1. miloszz miloszz
    May 12, 2010    

    Wow! I’m not fan of wall-e, I like to have more icons on my homescreen, but… I have to admit this theme is awesome!

    I love black and orange and you mixed them up perfectly!

    But my QL window is cut on the left (I use it on left side of the screen) – I can’t see third part of first letter. I didn’t reboot after install, maybe that’s the reason. I have OS 5.0 BB 9000.

  2. March 18, 2012    

    wall-e is one of my favourite.. thank you for making this beautiful theme

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