Premium Claro Theme

May 15, 2010 by     7 Comments    Posted under: Blackberry, Themes

Premium Claro Theme! Hit the jump for more…

Claro is spanish for “clear.” And this theme is exactly that! With a crisp banner on the homescreen holding all the essentials including a big clock and weather slot, Claro is sure to lighten your mood with your favorite wallpaper brightening up you screen.

  • Weather slot
  • No icons on homescreen
  • No carrier
  • Without screen or menu transitions
  • Hotspots for touchscreen devices only: Hotspots are now customizable according to your applications screen order. Once you click on the big text icons they will disappear until the next time you activate the theme

7 Comments + Add Comment

  • Nice Theme Bro Just Bought It!!!

  • Claro is now available for Storm and Storm 2! Go get it!

  • Love seeing you on MobiHand! Especially The Berryfication|MobiHand Keep rocking the unique styles of Pootermobile. People will thank you for it. ;)

  • I love this theme, the PCK is ♥

  • Parrot in the screenshot on the left, top row, 5th icon from the right :)

  • Any chance you will be making this one for OS6? love this theme and have a few of your others.

    • I’ll have to check if the PCK feature won’t get in the way of Universal Search in OS6. I might have to ditch PCK for the OS6 version.

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