The Official Emkwan Project Theme

Free Official Emkwan Project Theme! Hit the jump for more…

What is The Emkwan Project? Well Emkwan is a buddy of mine that does video reviews of everything tech from Blackberry to the iPad. I made this theme for his website a while ago and I had to bring it back. A very lightweight theme with all the goodies you could want. If you are intrigued by the mask in the banner above go ahead and take a look at Emkwan’s site HERE!

  • First slot in app screen is for weather slot
  • 6 customizable icons on homescreen
  • Hidden today
  • Hidden menu on homescreen–click on the bar on the banner just scroll down to get to it
  • No carrier
  • Wallpaper friendly

OTA 9700, 9600, 8900 w/ OS 5.0

OTA 9600 4.7

OTA 9000 4.6

OTA 9000 5.0

OTA 8900 4.6

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  1. June 4, 2010    

    Pooter my friend. I’d love to have this theme. EVEN Custom for rezn with my rezn logo. This could be so sick!!

  2. Robyn Robyn
    December 2, 2010    

    Hey! I would like to see this theme available for BB Storm os 5.0 plz! Thanks a lot n looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  3. Sine Mbali Sine Mbali
    April 29, 2012    

    No love for 8520???? 🙁

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