Blackberry 6 Calendar Icon

With all the tumult of Blackberry 6 coming loaded on the new Blackberry 9800, and that the 9650 is able to run Blackberry 6, or whether the Bold 9700 and Storm 2 will be able to run it, and all the cool new features Blackberry 6 will have, people seemed to have missed a cool…

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10,001 Tweet Giveaway!

Most of you know that I am an avid Twitter user. I don’t really remember when I started using twitter but it was quite a while back. Now fast forward to today and I am almost up to 10,000 tweets! Wow! It might not be much for some other users that are on 24/7 but…

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Wallpaper Madness!

Most of you regulars to TWP know that there is a wallpaper section here. But I wanted to remind you knew-comers that the wallpaper section here has an awesome collection of exclusive wallpapers. There is even a section from the awesome artist powerpig. There is also a section of  TWP wallpapers I make that you…

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4th of July Theme SALE!

Time for fireworks, hotdogs, and…Blackberry Themes! The World of Pootermobile’s first, and certainly not last, theme sale is here! In the spirit of celebration all Pootermobile themes will be half off! OOOOHH! AAAAAAHHH! WHOOOOOO! Sorry practicing for the fireworks in a couple of days. Take this opportunity to grab a top notch theme for a…

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