Help! Poots is missing!

Noooooo!! Poots has gone missing! I hadn’t seen him in a while but after not returning my texts or calls I got worried. Last I saw of Poots he was here at TWP and he said he was gonna hang out with some FRIENDS (hint hint he’s nowhere near TWP) Anyway I need your help…

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Theme Builder Update for BlackBerry Torch!

Just like with most leaked photos this blurry picture, leaked by @rezn over at twitter, gives us theme developers a glimpse of the update to the Theme Builder for support for the Torch 9800. Rezn told me he knows someone who has it so it might be in the beta testing phase. I don’t know…

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The Official TWP Theme

Free Official TWP Theme! Hit the jump for more…


Premium META Theme

META – Changed in position or form Premium Meta Theme! Hit the jump for more…


Say Hello to Poots!

Introducing TWP’s mascot Poots! While making the Yolks wallpapers some people suggested I make some sort of Blackberry cartoon characters. At first I thought it would be a cool idea but somehow put it in the back burner. Suddenly one day I was inspired to try to make a little Blackberry. The result was the…

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