Say Hello to Poots!

Introducing TWP’s mascot Poots! While making the Yolks wallpapers some people suggested I make some sort of Blackberry cartoon characters. At first I thought it would be a cool idea but somehow put it in the back burner. Suddenly one day I was inspired to try to make a little Blackberry. The result was the little guy you see up there 🙂 Yes he looks like an itouch he just came out like that. I didn’t want to make an exact replica for copyright reasons and what not. So there you have it your TWP’s very own mascot! Check out the first walls available of Poots in the wallpaper section HERE!


  1. Big0ak Big0ak
    August 3, 2010    

    Hiya POOTS!

  2. standardeviated standardeviated
    August 3, 2010    

    aww poots is so friggin’ cute!!

  3. August 6, 2010    

    I was hoping you’d name him this. But I wasn’t sure if you liked it when I call you that. So now that you have an official Poots mascot I’ll do my best to only call him this 😉

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