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Surprise!! The Official TWP Theme is here! You probably didn’t see that coming right? As a big thank you to everyone who has supported TWP and made Pooter PRO 2 the top seller here this theme is F-R-E-E! Going back to our roots of providing quality themes for free the TWP theme has everything you could ask for in a premium theme. Having the usual TWP colors this theme has a nice homescreen setup that is convenient and stunning. All on the homescreen you will have a weather slot, 3 fixed messaging tabs, 12 hidden customizable icons, and a big clock. Even though this theme has the “over used” OS6 icons they flow quite well with the whole of the theme. Enjoy everybody and thanks again…spread the word 😉

  • 12 hidden customizable icons
  • Click the bar with the arrow to show the icons/click again to hide
  • Weather slot – must have paid or free weather app
  • 3 fixed messaging tabs (SMS/MMS, Messages, Blackberry Messenger)
  • Big Clock
  • No carrier
  • No transitions
  • Wallpaper friendly

OTA 9800 OS 6.0

OTA 97xx and 9650 w/ OS 6.0

OTA 9700, 9600, 8900 w/ OS 5.0

OTA 9600 OS 4.7

OTA 9550, 9500 w/ OS 5.0

OTA 9500 OS 4.7

OTA 9000 OS 5.0

OTA 9000 OS 4.6

OTA 8900 4.6

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  1. tonette tonette
    August 24, 2010    

    Niceeee! Downloading right now..Thank You pooter

  2. August 25, 2010    

    Nice one bro! I’m on my way to work but I’m sure I’ll be downloading this one today! You need to quit filling up my device with all your primo themes hoss! I get all glassy-eyed sometimes just trying to figure out what I’m gonna rock each day!

  3. jim "busa" jim "busa"
    August 25, 2010    

    Loooooks hot. Maybe 1 day this will be for the torch

  4. August 26, 2010    

    Theme had been updated (for the last time hopefully) moved alarm icon again because the 24 hour clock mode overlapped the alarm icon. Also now with no transitions for a quicker navigation.

  5. richard taylor richard taylor
    August 27, 2010    

    Thanks a nice theme you rock

  6. Sam Sam
    August 27, 2010    

    Love the theme it looks great!! only one issue the hidden dock gets stuck and you can navigate around the only thing you can do is hit the menu button to get to the icons or do a battery pull and then keep the dock visible or it will just get stuck again. any chance of fixing that??

    • August 27, 2010    

      What do you mean when you say it get’s stuck? Does it get stuck half way? You do know you can bring the dock back up by clicking on the bar again right?

      • Sam Sam
        August 28, 2010    

        no i mean i can click the bar to bring the dock out but if i click the bar again to bring the dock back up its stuck up and i the only way i can get it to come back down is if i do a battery pull

  7. August 27, 2010    

    Easily the best Free theme I’ve ever used. And I’ve been through my share. Well done bro! 😉

  8. August 30, 2010    

    The BlackBerry 9000 version had been updated! Fixed a navigation issue on the homescreen download from the OTA now!

    • Sam Sam
      August 31, 2010    

      Thank you!! 🙂

  9. Luis Osorio Luis Osorio
    November 18, 2010    

    The mybbota link is dead for 9700 with os5, 🙁

    • November 18, 2010    

      Sorry about that the links have been updated 😀

  10. Jonathan Gates Jonathan Gates
    January 10, 2011    

    What version of this great theme will work with a Bold 9650 OSv6? I have been using this theme since it was created and absolutely love it but once I upgraded my OS, the theme is gone and even a reload doesn’t work.

    • January 10, 2011    

      I am sorry but if you have OS6 on your 9650 themes aren’t supported on it yet. The software to make themes hasn’t been updated to support devices with OS6 other than the Torch. So I am waiting along with everyone for the update.


  11. February 4, 2011    

    There is now a link to the OS6 compatible version of The Official TWP Theme! It will work with 97xx and 9650 running OS6 🙂

  12. Moon Juice Moon Juice
    March 3, 2011    

    Not gonna lie, I’d have preferred transitions. You incorporate them so well into your themes.

    I really like this a lot. It’s a challenge to find good wallpapers that complement the available screen area, and as such I feel this theme works well in a work-oriented environment. When it’s playtime, that’s when I break out your Meridian theme and whatever zany WP’s I’m in the mood for that day.

    Thanks for another straight-up banger! I can’t wait to see what you release next for OS6 – and FWIW I like the sliding trays (hint, hint).

  13. Moon Juice Moon Juice
    March 3, 2011    

    The one thing I’ve found so far is that when using the “explore” option to save an incoming Bluetooth file transfer, the folder selection is messed up. I don’t know if it’s that the selection bar is black, or that the focus is on the dialog underneath the folder tree, but it makes it difficult to navigate to the desired save folder. If you could look into that I’m sure many Bluetooth users would be grateful.

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