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TWP’s Best Sellers Now OS6 Compatible!

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The long awaited update to the Theme Builder software has been leaked! Along with my fellow theme developers I have started to update my themes for the 9700, 9780, and 9650 running BlackBerry 6. And what better way to begin the update than with the top 3 best sellers here at TWP! Now you will be able to enjoy Sheath, Juice, and Pooter PRO 2 on your device running OS6! Below are the links to the three themes. Remember, this update is also still in “beta” so if there is any problem with a theme feel free to leave a comment or email me. Now go get em! (The OS6 versions of these themes are only at Mobihand right now. They will be available at App World soon.)

Premium Amor Theme

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Premium Amor Theme! Hit the jump for more…

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Hello Celly!

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Introducing a new addition to the TWP family…Celly! There had to be someone to represent all the female fans of TWP so who better than a girl mascot! Some of you might ask what Poots thinks about Celly. Well take a look for yourself……

One day while strolling through the wonderful world of Pootermobile, Poots came upon a flowery field. And to his surprise his eyes beheld the most beautiful sight there ever could be! There she was, her bezel shining in the glimmer of the sun,with a freshly cut flower on her antenna. Oh what a wonderful sight! And all that could come out of Poot’s mouth was….”Hi.”

Get the “Hello Celly” wallpaper for your BlackBerry HERE

Look in the “Official TWP Wallpapers” section

TWP’s Monthly Sale – Blink

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It’s that time again! To start off the new year The World of Pootermobile will be putting up for sale Blink for TWP’s Monthly Sale. As one of my favorite themes Blink is a great theme to be up for 50% off don’t you think? So stop wasting time and save big! Head on over to the Mobihand store to grab Blink. Sale ends January 31, 2011.


To grab Blink at the special price of $1.99 go to the Mobihand store