Premium Flo Theme

Premium Flo Theme! Hit the jump for more…

The World Of Pootermobile is coming at you with a new theme sure to please most anyone. Flo welcomes you on the homescreen with a unique look giving the wallpaper the look of being encapsulated within the screen itself. (You really have to look at it on the screen your self!) With a quick click on the arrow at the bottom the wallpaper slides up to reveal your top 9-12 apps. And just as quickly you can hide the apps with the arrow to hide the apps and show off your wallpaper once again. For an awesome eye catching theme grab Flo today!


  • Touchscreen devices – 12 customizable icons


  • Keyboard devices – 9 customizable icons
  • Hide-able icons – click the arrow to show the icons, click arrow again to hide
  • Unique look of the wallpaper on homescreen
  • Click on wallpaper for a shortcut to your pictures folder
  • Wallpaper friendly
  • No carrier
  • Transitions throughout
  • Wallpaper friendly


Grab Flo from the following links below

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