Premium D-light Theme

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Free Android Redox MIUI Theme

After a long while of having promised to make android themes I present to you Redox MIUI! Since I am primarily a BlackBerry theme developer I decided to put a bit of a BB flare to my first android theme hence the naming of a familiar theme to some. With some different OS7 icons and…

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Premium Nav OS6 Theme

Premium Nav OS6 Theme! Hit the jump for more…

10 Questions

10 Questions With Pootermobile – Mobster Mobile Design

It’s Pootermobile here for another fun round of 10 Questions With Pootermobile! With the first two interviewees being awesome people from the BlackBerry community I started thinking, why don’t I interview an awesome theme developer? In comes one of the most artistic theme developers I know Mobster Mobile Design As soon as I asked her…

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Premium Theme For Free! – December

Well it’s another month here at TWP and some of you might remember that we had been doing a monthly sale for premium themes. Now it’s time to change it up a bit so there wont be a 50% off a premium theme but there will now be a premium theme for free for a…

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