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After a long while of having promised to make android themes I present to you Redox MIUI! Since I am primarily a BlackBerry theme developer I decided to put a bit of a BB flare to my first android theme hence the naming of a familiar theme to some. With some different OS7 icons and a nice dock this theme makes you do a double take. If you used to be on a BlackBerry it might take you back, and if you have always been on an android you’ll get a feel of something different. So go ahead and try Redox MIUI today! (I am still learning about themeing for android so this theme is a work in progress)


To install the theme place the .mtz file into your sd card in the following directory MIUI/theme

NOTE: This theme works on your android device ONLY if you have flashed the MIUI rom onto your device.

Download Redox MIUI HERE

I have also made a MIUI clock widget skin to match the theme that you can download HERE

Place the .zip folder in your SD card in the following directory: MIUI/gadget/clock

Once you place the .zip folder there you will be able to edit your 1×2 clock to the Redox Clock skin.

Below is a link to the page where I will be posting all the MIUI themes

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