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It has been a while since The World Of Pootermobile has released a free theme. But when there is a free theme you it’s gonna be a good one! In comes Stitch, with a beautiful minimalistic premium look. What you get on the homscreen is a weather slot and a small banner with three mini customizable icons laying nicely on some ribbons. You’ll also get some leathery accents around the theme to match your BlackBerry’s smoothness. So, if you download Stitch feel free to leave a nice review from wherever you grab it.

  • 3 mini customizable icons
  • Weather slot
  • Wallpaper friendly
  • Transitions throughout


Grab Stitch from the links below


  1. Rezn Rezn
    January 22, 2012    

    This looks great bro. I hope you start cooking some BlackBerry 7 themes soon. This would be just the one.

  2. Lim Yi Ying Lim Yi Ying
    February 6, 2012    

    This looks awesome! I hope that the free version for this theme for OS7 phones would be available soon! I am dying to get this theme on my BB 9900!!:D

  3. Rauf Rauf
    February 23, 2012    

    Lovely theme. But how do u customise icons ??? and how does weather slot works ?? Thanks.

    • Pootermobile Pootermobile
      February 23, 2012    

      In order to customize your icons on the homscreen you have to go to you applications screen and focus on an app icon and click the menu. Then you select move, move the icon to the first four spots on the apps list. The first icon is for the weather slot (you must have a weather application). The next three spots are for the three small icons on the bottom banner.

      If you need any more help free to ask and thanks for downloading!


  4. Gio Zeno Gio Zeno
    March 16, 2012    

    Great theme. I notice on my bold 9650 that the very top few (~2-3) pixels get cut when in an application. Not a big deal. Just wondering whether anyone else had noticed this. Maybe it’s my screen going bad?

    • Pootermobile Pootermobile
      March 16, 2012    

      Thanks for downloading Stitch. Does this happen with all applications? I think it’s a bug with Theme Builder.

      • Jemanu12 Jemanu12
        June 13, 2012    

        i got the same problem, please help 🙁

  5. Marine Boy Marine Boy
    May 21, 2012    

    Great theme. Thanks.

    But how is the wallpaper changed? When I attempt to access via the Options icon, it won’t open. This also means that I can’t change the font either (which is important given the theme default font is large!).

  6. Marine Boy Marine Boy
    May 21, 2012    

    OK, have solved the wallpaper issue (changing via the media gallery). But still need to change the email list font – currently way too big. Changing it via the usual option has no impact. Is there a resolution?

  7. Corb Corb
    July 20, 2012    

    What is a good weather app? im using be weather but it doesnt look very good w this, what r u using?

    • Pootermobile Pootermobile
      July 22, 2012    

      I am using BeWeather as well. What seems to be the problem?

  8. Bene Bene
    July 24, 2012    

    On my Bold 9900 I can just see the menu, no homescreen etc. I have got the same problem with the Revel theme! Any help?

    • Pootermobile Pootermobile
      July 24, 2012    

      Can you please let me know what OS you have on your 9900? It seems there is a problem with people running a certain OS.

  9. David David
    August 8, 2012    

    I like the look. And removing all the extraneous categories is great. But I can only get one app on the ‘desktop’. (Where your weather and SMS icons are in the phones pictured above.) Is that by design? Would be excellent if I could place more icons there.

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