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Premium Cadencia Theme! Hit the jump for more…

**READ BEFORE PURCHASE**Due to an OS bug between OS7 and Custom Layout themes the icons located in folders will be INVISIBLE!**For easy access to applications located in folders, simply click the s key on the homescreen to open the Universal Search app and search for the desired icon. Or you can take out all the icons from folders to the main applications screen**

For this release of The World Of Pootermobile it was decided to use the good ol’ OS6 icons. Why you say? With every design from TWP icons are chosen by how well they flow with the over all look of the theme. And OS6 icons were an easy pick for Cadencia. With a clear icon dock holding your favorites on the homescreen Cadencia has a bit of a simple default look. But simply click on the button on the lower right of the screen and you get a clear view of your wallpaper. You will also have easy access to your sound profiles on the bottom banner. For a stylish and fresh theme grab Cadencia today!

  • For touchscreen and Style devices – 5 customizable icons on homescreen (6 on landscape)


  • For keyboard devices – 6 customizable icons on homescreen


  • Customizable icons on homescreen – (click on lower right button to hide, click again to show)
  • Sound profile button
  • Wallpaper friendly
  • Transitions throughout
  • No carrier


Grab Cadencia from the links below


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