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2012 BlackBerry Conferences Wallpaper...


With the two most anticipated BlackBerry conferences coming up I decided there had to be a way of representing. So if you are either attending BlackBerry World or BlackBerry 10 Jam below are some cool wallpapers for you to rock on your BlackBerry device and/or PlayBook. Below are links to the gallery of the specific […]

Premium Fresco Theme


Premium Fresco Theme! Hit the jump for more…

Rudbeckia Wallpaper

Rudbeckia Wallpaper

Sweet Pearl Photography Rudbeckia wallpaper! Hit the jump for more…

Default PlayBook Wallpapers


I’ve seen many people asking for the default PlayBook wallpapers on various BlackBerry forums. So I decided to grab them and make them available for everyone. Now the way I did it was I took a screenshot of each of the wallpapers so there might be a bit of pixelation but not so much. To […]