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The World Of Pootermobile is coming at you with a new theme for OS6 and OS7! Valence will create a new bond between you and your BlackBerry. Remember that feeling when you first got your BlackBerry and started to really feel connected to it? This is the premise behind Valance as you discover your BlackBerry once more. With striking blue and white accents around the theme you get a refreshing feel. Custom icons and skinned media player (on OS7 only) is the icing on the yummy cake that is Valence. Grab Valence today and create a new bond.

  • Default OS7 layout
  • Wallpaper friendly
  • Custom icons
  • Media player skinned (on OS7 devices only)


Valence from the link below


  1. Jemanu12 Jemanu12
    June 14, 2012    

    can i get this theme for free?

  2. Harvey Harvey
    June 15, 2012    

    Not working bold 9900

    • Pootermobile Pootermobile
      June 15, 2012    

      Can you please explain what’s going on with the theme? Once you download the theme it should be under options/display/screen display/scroll all the way down to Valence/activate

  3. Jemanu12 Jemanu12
    June 16, 2012    

    nice theme and this theme not working well on my Bold 9780 , the theme have a little bug. When i opened the music player, picture, video, browser or something like that, the top of the screen (battery, signal, clock, etc) is slightly truncated ): , i hope you can fix that.

  4. alain alain
    June 19, 2012    

    I have just purchased. Your application. For my bold touch 9900. I got the invoicE that payment went. Through but can’t run the apPlication. Very disapointed. I feel I have been robed

    • Pootermobile Pootermobile
      June 20, 2012    

      When you download a theme from App World you should get a popup asking you to activate the theme. If you didn’t get the popup check in options/Display/screen Display/scroll down to Valence click activate

  5. kish kish
    June 24, 2012    

    😀 I like this creation of yours… Is there any options to avail this thene , because appworld is not working to my country, and I don’t want to missed this theme for my phone! I think this is great but HOW HOW HOW could I avail??? UsuaLly only mobihand market I buying of any apps themes for my phone and no hustle to avail and download directly to my phone!… 🙁 will you please bring this thene at Mobihand, where I can avail of your theme Valence???? Pls let me know if u can bring at mobihand market and I reaLly wanted this… Awesome valence ;( ;( ;(

    • Pootermobile Pootermobile
      June 25, 2012    

      Valence theme is also available at a site called MyBBOTA. Here is the link –

      Just click on whatever device you have and purchase 🙂

  6. DS_76 DS_76
    July 1, 2012    

    Great theme, one of your best yet. Second one i’ve purchased and am not disappointed.

    I especially love the icon set, is it possible to add custom icons for apps like Whatsapp/Google Maps? The current app icons stick out amongst the other theme icons.

    Theme runs pretty much perfectly, I love to what detail everything is themed.

    Only downside is the smaller clock, but bigger icon row at the bottom.

  7. Bill L Bill L
    July 22, 2012    

    Is this available for the Curve 9300?

    • Pootermobile Pootermobile
      July 22, 2012    

      I’m sorry but it is not available for the Curve 9300 running OS6.

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