Piedra Wallpaper

Sweet Pearl Photography Piedra wallpaper! Hit the jump for more…

Sweet Pearl Photography has made such a great addition to The World Of Pootermobile with all the beautiful wallpapers, and they just keep on coming! With Piedra you get the perspective of relaxing at the shore of a peaceful lake. Now that for many of you the great days of summer are coming to an end, Piedra will remind you of those days where you just got in the car and took a ride to the nearest body of water to soak in the sun. And now you will be able rock this wallaper not only on your BlackBerry and PlayBook devices, but also on your BlackBerry Dev Alpha as well if you have one! Once you are done grabbing the wallpaper please take a moment and thank Sweet Pearl Photography at the links below, it will be very much appreciated.

Please make sure you click on the wallpaper you want then download (best quality if downloaded from your PC)














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