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10 Questions

10 Questions with Pootermobile is back from a long vacation! I don’t know about you but I have missed this section here at TWP. Anyway, this time around I was able to get a talented theme developer to participate in the interrogation. BerryGlowDesigns has been a name I have seen for a while in the BlackBerry world but never really knew too much about. Thanks to BlackBerry Messenger that all changed, and now that we’re buds, the man behind BerryGlowDesigns will be subject to 10 Questions with Pootermobile :D. Get to know a little bit more about an awesome member of Team BlackBerry, go ahead and hit the jump!


Q: 1. How did you start making themes for BlackBerry?

A: I remember winning my first premium theme on CrackBerry about 2 and a half years ago. I instantly fell in love with the way my device could be customized (it was a 8520), and then started trying other premium themes. After a while, even though I had no graphic design experience, I found myself wanting specific (yet simple) concepts in a theme, so I started snooping for the theme development tools.

Q: 2. Why “BerryGlowDesigns”, is there a special reason why you chose that name?

A: ‘Berry’ because I wanted users to know that I would be solely dedicated to this platform. Since I had no experience in design, the ‘outer glow’ effect in Photoshop was really one of my favorites when I started exploring that software, I guess to the point where I needed to include it in my theme dev name.

Q: 3. Do you have any hobbies?

A: Theme building and mobile tech in general. Apart from those, hanging out with friends, music, beer, tea, reading, sports (skateboarding), and every now&then an online game with friends.

Q: 4. Every theme dev has been hit with the reality that BB10 won’t be theme-able, do you have any plans of developing apps for BB10?

A: Oh yeah man, I was heartbroken too. I’d love to be able to stick with this awesome community on this platform. I’ve had a few tries with WebWorks (made an app for a university project but didn’t release it) and quickly realized things are more complicated with apps than they are/were with themes (duh). So yes maybe, but it will take a bit longer.

Q: 5. All touchscreen or physical keyboard BB10 device?

A: I’m thinking of switching to fulltouch, but always been using physical qwerty, and will probably get an N series for BB10 too.

Q: 6. Favorite food?

A: Pasta. (kfc and most traditional Romanian foods are a close second).

Q: 7. Do you speak another language besides English? If so say “I love my BlackBerry” in that language!

A: Romanian (my mother tongue), plus a bit of German. Ok here it is in Romanian: Imi iubesc BlackBerry-ul :).

Q: 8. What has been your favorite BlackBerry so far?

A: My current 9900. It could use a bit more battery life, but I can’t think of giving up this awesomeness keyboard&glowing trackpad.

Q: 9. Dubstep or polka music?

A: Dubbbbstep!

Q: 10. Any new goodies for Team BlackBerry from BerryGlowDesigns?

A: Yes! I’ve just published a new one a few days ago, called GL0W 2013 🙂


Big thanks to BerryGlowDesigns for being a good sport and gladly wanting to answer the questions. If you haven’t already check out the amazing work of BerryGlowDesigns at the link below, your BlackBerry will be happy you did 🙂

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