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BlackBerry Developer Wallpapers! Hit the jump for more…

At The World Of Pootermobile the aim is to bring joy to your devices’ screens in many ways. I will be forever grateful to the people that have supported the site. But there are others that grace our BlackBerry screens with awesomeness that may be overlooked sometimes. The BlackBerry developer! I will always be a fan of a developer and their coding skills. As we have seen in the last few months developers have been hard at work making sure we have some exciting apps on our BlackBerry 10 devices. In order to show my gratitude for developer’s work, and wishing them success, I have made some slick walls not only for them but for everyone!

One thing that I love about BlackBerry 10 is that developers with different skills can make apps quite easily. There are four main platforms that you can develop with on BlackBerry 10; Native, Cascades, Web, and Air. Hence the four wallpapers available.

As some of you might know this month will be the BlackBerry Jam Europe event, and a few months after that BlackBerry Live. What better way to represent your favorite platform to develop on?

Even if you’re not a developer I’m sure you’ll appreciate the wallpapers. I’m rocking the white “Native” one at the moment. So, developer or not if you download the wallpapers let me know  in the comment section below and clickity click those share buttons as well!

Below are the links to .zip files with the wallpapers in different screen sizes.

Native Wallpapers

Cascades Wallpapers

Web Wallpapers

Air Wallpapers

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