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BlackBerry 10 Update Concept! Hit the jump for more…

Ok everyone it’s time to put your thinking caps on! With BlackBerry 10.1 rolled out to mostly everyone, 10.2 is already being worked on by BlackBerry, and is being subject to a slew of concept ideas from users and fanatics including myself. While making up the concept seen below I had the idea of including the community in the fun! So what I want you to do is leave a comment below with a suggestion of a feature you would like to see implemented in the coming BlackBerry 10 updates. Then I will be choosing some features to add here so we can all see what it would look like in action. This does not mean that everyone’s suggestion will be chosen, so if that happens don’t worry, I will be updating this post with new concepts whenever I have the time. I’ll be expecting some awesome ideas from you guys! πŸ˜€

Homescreen Quick Settings Menu Concept



Homescreen Quick Settings

This is how the user would be able to customize the shortcuts that appear on the Homescreen Quick Settings. Simply tap and hold then move the shortcut to whatever place desired. You would also be able to choose what shortcuts appear on the dropdown Quick Settings by checking or un-checking the box next to the shortcut.

Homescreen Bottom Bar Concept

For this concept the idea is for the bottom bar icons to be user customizable. Simply tap and hold any application icon, once the icon is pulsing drag and drop it into the desired spot on the bottom bar.

Homescreen Icons

The idea for this concept is simple yet one of the most wanted by users. I understand that BlackBerry wants the homescreen to be different with the background on theΒ  icons, but giving more options is always good. So having the ability to lower the opacity of the background all the way down to 0% would be perfect! Check out the concept in action below!

Homescreen Folders

The idea for this concept is also simple. As of now the folders created on the homescreen that hold applications can only hold 16 apps. With this concept all you need to do is add more apps to the folder and it creates a second page of apps giving you easy access and a better way of organization.

Lockscreen Concept


  1. June 14, 2013    

    So far I love what I’m seeing. Some features aren’t as useful for me yet. But Hotspot, Developer Mode would be 2 I use constantly.

    • Pootermobile Pootermobile
      June 14, 2013    

      Sounds like making them customizable is a very sought after feature. I think I’ll do a mockup of what that would look like.

  2. June 14, 2013    

    Great idea! That menu drawer should definitely be more used! I would even go further of adding some “smart capabilities” to it: it would place the most used Settings options automatically for the user in there. It would learn by how many times the user clicks on its button and from the full Settings app. So for instance, if you set Developer Mode a lot via the Settings app, the toggle would eventually appear on the Quick Settings menu.

    As a new feature, I would start with a simple one: add a Quick Calendar view. Like on the Playbook, if you click the Clock/Date on the status bar, it show a neat popup with the days of the month and some quick alarm toggle. On BB10 it could show a similar popup or even launch the Calendar App.


    • Pootermobile Pootermobile
      June 14, 2013    

      Ooooh I really like the idea of the calendar popup when you click on the clock like on the PlayBook! Thanks for your idea πŸ˜€

  3. Corran Blyth Corran Blyth
    June 18, 2013    

    I’d love to see you mockup a multi-page folder. Where more than the limit of 16 apps can be kept in a folder and you navigate by swiping left/right much like your settings menu mockup.

    • Pootermobile Pootermobile
      June 20, 2013    

      I love that idea πŸ™‚ putting it on the list of mockups to make!

  4. June 21, 2013    

    Please include dialling from the lock screen without unlocking the device. This was one of the best features I have loved with the OS7 and older devices. The convenience of being able to Dail without unlocking the device. However only allow numbers to be dialed by in putting it from the Dail pad and allow access to the phone book. Call history should be hidden.

  5. June 22, 2013    

    Please update toast. It still looks windows 3.1. Give it a black background, with grey icons and buttons. Or any modern look.

  6. Jeandry Brito Jeandry Brito
    June 24, 2013    

    Small features : when peaking we should be able to see the date too, not only the time.. also when clicking on the battery icon it shows you the percentage of the battery and it if possible how many hours /minutes it got left (or like the PlayBook options to shutdown, restart or sleep) may I suggest that you can at least view the 1st two pages of this link?

  7. Shane (SCrid2000) Shane (SCrid2000)
    July 27, 2013    

    I’ve always thought they should let you customize it, but customization and swiping would be even more amazing.

  8. June 21, 2014    

    The customizable corner icons are highly needed. Keep it up!

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