Pootermobile Wallpapers App Updated!

Sep 25, 2013 by     2 Comments    Posted under: Blackberry, Wallpapers

Pootermobile Wallpapers App! Hit the jump for more…

It’s finally here! Pootermobile Wallpapers has been updated! As many of you know the app hadn’t been working for the latest 10.1 Maintenance Release and 10.2.  That has changed thanks to Kisai Labs! Not only does it work for 10.1 but with 10.2 as well! I want to thank everyone who has been waiting for the update patiently. Again I apologize for the long wait. So go to BlackBerry World, grab the update, and get your wallpaper on!

Updates in version

Rewritten in native Cascades

Works in 10.2

Smooth as “butta!

Get Pootermobile Wallpapers App at the link below

Get It At App World!

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  • Are the wall papers in the app compatible with Z30? Or do they only target Z10/q10?

    • All wallpapers except the “themed” wallpapers are compatible with the Z30 :)

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