The BlackBerry Unicorn


I give you the BlackBerry Unicorn. What is this device? It is a BlackBerry slider touting the ever so amazing BlackBerry 10. Why Unicorn? This device is just that a myth, where only a few truly believe, or want to believe it exists. And if this mythical BlackBerry were to ever be seen it would be hunted and torn to pieces by the world (media), for it is an abomination.

I know this post is a bit weird but I wanted to give die-hard BlackBerry 10 fans some eye candy. But I also want to encourage you all as well. BlackBerry has to get back on it’s feet fast and the slider will hopefully help, especially because it will be running android. As BlackBerry fans we’ve been spoiled with the amazing Passport and Classic hearkening back to the legacy days. Now, BlackBerry has to try something different, so it’s time to really support BlackBerry when they need it most. BlackBerry Forever.


  1. September 24, 2015    

    The problem isn’t that BlackBerry phones aren’t good, the problem is that BlackBerry doesn’t have a clue about how to market a good phone. If they build (or maybe they are) the slider full BlackBerry and marketed it properly, it would be a big success just like the Passport would have been if marketed properly. It doesn’t matter if the Slider is running Android, if they don’t market it, it will be a flop as well.

    • Pootermobile Pootermobile
      September 24, 2015    

      I never said Blackberry phones weren’t good. And I agree with you about them not marketing BlackBerry 10 correctly. But at this point they can’t afford to put so much marketing money in an OS that so far has failed in the smartphone market. Of course us die-hard fans love BlackBerry 10 and would prefer nothing else, but going the android route is what BlackBerry thinks will bring in more customers. At this point going android is already proving quite positive (not so much in the BlackBerry fan world) even before they’ve started any kind of marketing.

      • September 24, 2015    

        I wasn’t implying that you didn’t think BB phones were good. BlackBerry 10 has “failed” (although I’m not sure that is exactly true) because they never marketed it any better than the do phones. I don’t see what’s out there already about the Android OS as positive, because BlackBerry has allowed the word to spread by rumor and that is never a good thing. If you want to let the masses spread the word, you have to let the masses know that the word they are spreading is factual.

        If BlackBerry wants to go the Android route, (I don’t agree with it but that’s my opinion) the at least give the option to chose your OS on the first boot. That again goes back to what I was saying before, nobody has any factual idea the route this phone is going and that, as I said before, does more harm that good, at least in my opinion. Anyhow I guess we will find out soon enough, I just can’t help but think this silence has more negatives to it that positives.

        On another note, the Unicorn render you have done for the Slider looks great!

        • Pootermobile Pootermobile
          September 24, 2015    

          Marketing marketing marketing!
          And thanks! 😀

    • Dr. Feelgood Dr. Feelgood
      September 24, 2015    

      Precisely. If they don’t market it, it won’t sell. People are sheep. They buy what they see on TV.

      • September 24, 2015    

        People now don’t buy BlackBerry because when told about the phones, their usual response is “I didn’t even know BlackBerry was still in business”. Now when they are show the BlackBerry Priv “powered by Android” I expect their response to be “I didn’t even know BlackBerry was still in business, and if I wanted Android OS, I’d buy and Android phone!” The only non-BlackBerry users that might give this a try are those that wanted a physical keyboard unless BlackBerry splashes it everywhere and I sure hope they have this thing secured to death. If it gets out there and gets hacked, that will definitely be the end of BlackBerry!

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