DTEK Wallpaper



In a world of connected devices you want to be as secure as possible, and BlackBerry is at the forefront providing security to everyone. Security has been in the company’s DNA from the very beginning and is still is. Although BlackBerry has changed within years past, security is still there, now branded as DTEK to us consumers. To me it is a badge that reminds me that I am protected with one more layer of security than the rest. Show off that you rock a secure device with the wallpapers below!

This wallpaper will also be available in the Pootermobile Wallpapers app, along with many others! (link to purchase app in BlackBerry World below)

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Please make sure you click on the wallpaper then download (best quality if downloaded from your PC)

Priv (2560×2560)


Passport (1440×1440)


Z30, Z10 (1280×1280)


Classic, Q10, Q5 (720×720)


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