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KEYone Nougat Wallpaper


Every week that passes the KEYone is closer to our clammy BlackBerry addicted hands! And to everyone that thinks the KEYone is a device to be overlooked, think again! Not only does it have the physical keyboard packed with many features, amazing camera, and stellar battery life, but it comes loaded with the latest Android […]

Priv Squircle Wallpaper

Priv Squircle Wallpaper

Hi everyone! Here is a wall for all you BlackBerry Priv owners looking for walls to show off on your shiny new device. And for you BlackBerry 10 owners I have uploaded the wallpaper to my app. And for those asking if the Blackberry 10 Pootermobile Wallpapers app will come to the Priv, well I […]

Free Android Redox MIUI Theme


After a long while of having promised to make android themes I present to you Redox MIUI! Since I am primarily a BlackBerry theme developer I decided to put a bit of a BB flare to my first android theme hence the naming of a familiar theme to some. With some different OS7 icons and […]

Beautiful Widgets Skin – Super Clock ...

Beautiful Widgets Skin – Super Clock Light

This skin is a slight variation of the Light skin for the Beautiful Widgets android app. This skin will work with the widget within the BW app called Super Clock. what you have to do is instead of putting the skin folder in /skin directory, you have to put it in the /scskin directory. So […]

Welcome New TWP Mascot: Drew!

Welcome New TWP Mascot: Drew!

The votes have been counted and the new Android mascot’s name will be….Drew! I have contacted the person who had suggested the name Drew but that person no longer has a BlackBerry or an Android device. So the prize will go to the runner up which is: vecharo Congrats vecharo you have won either a […]

Beautiful Widgets Skin – Light

Beautiful Widgets Skin – Light

Here comes a new skin for people using the Beautiful Widgets android app. With a simple clean look you are sure to enjoy Light. To download the Light skin click HERE To checkout all of the TWP skin collection click below

Android Section at The World of Poote...

Android Section at The World of Pootermobile

Whaaaaaat? Yes indeed! As some of you may know here at TWP there is a love for all things tech, and yes including Android. Does this mean theme development for BlackBerry will end at The World of Pootermobile? Absolutely not! This new section at TWP will be featuring, at first, skins you can download for […]