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FAM Wallpaper


Say whatever you want about the direction BlackBerry is going, but lately I’ve been seeing quite a lot of excitement for the KEYone. I see excitement from within the community and the tech world for what is an amazing device, and it’s very fun to see that after everything BlackBerry has gone through. I’m proud […]

KEYone Shield Wallpaper


The roll-out of the BlackBerry KEYone is almost here and there are many people looking forward to getting their hands on one, including myself! Here’s a new wallpaper to dress up your device and get the BlackBerry juice pumping. Share, enjoy, and like always send people back this way! 🙂 Stay awesome #TeamBlackBerry This wallpaper […]

Free BlackBerry KEYone Wallpaper


  I am excited to see what the future holds for BlackBerry, especially with the new upcoming KEYone device. Here’s a wallpaper for everyone to enjoy in anticipation for the launch! Enjoy and and share, just don’t forget to send people back here 😉 This wallpaper will also be available in the Pootermobile Wallpapers app, […]

BlackBerry Droid Wallpaper


  With a recent update to BBM on Android CrackBerry posted about the details along with an image of a Priv with Droid/BBM mashup. A few people asked about it so I’ve decided to post the wallpaper here for all to enjoy. This wallpaper will also be available in the Pootermobile Wallpapers app, along with […]

DTEK Wallpaper


  In a world of connected devices you want to be as secure as possible, and BlackBerry is at the forefront providing security to everyone. Security has been in the company’s DNA from the very beginning and is still is. Although BlackBerry has changed within years past, security is still there, now branded as DTEK […]

Muted Spring Wallpaper

Muted Spring Wallpaper

Have you stopped to smell the flowers lately? It’s spring-time at The World Of Pootermobile and flowers are blooming everywhere. If there aren’t any flowers where you reside take a look at the new Sweet Pearl Photography and transport yourself to a place of tranquility. Images of spring are usually in full color but this […]

Encanto Wallpaper

Encanto Wallpaper

The World Of Pootermobile prides itself in bringing premium content to your BlackBerry devices for years and Sweet Pearl Photography has been an essential part since 2012. Gracing your homescreen once again Sweet Pearl Photography has captured a warm beach sunset from Puerto Rico, also known as Isla de Encanto, to relax all your worries […]

BB10 Squircle Wallpaper

BB10 Squircle Wallpaper

The first time the squircle was made famous was in the amazing BlackBerry 10 OS. So naturally I had to make a BB10 squircle wallpaper available for everyone to enjoy. Feel free to download the wallpaper for your respective device, and send people over via social media ect. to this original posting. Stay awesome Team […]

Priv Squircle Wallpaper

Priv Squircle Wallpaper

Hi everyone! Here is a wall for all you BlackBerry Priv owners looking for walls to show off on your shiny new device. And for you BlackBerry 10 owners I have uploaded the wallpaper to my app. And for those asking if the Blackberry 10 Pootermobile Wallpapers app will come to the Priv, well I […]

BlackBerry To The Power Of 10 Wallpap...

BlackBerry To The Power Of 10 Wallpaper

Hey Team BlackBerry! It’s been a while since I’ve posted a freebie here so I’ve decided to give ya’ll a little something. This wallpaper will also be available in the Pootermobile Wallpapers app, along with many others! (link to purchase app in BlackBerry World below) Please make sure you click on the wallpaper then download […]